Sports Nutrition Made simple

  • 3-month package program. A simple easy program customized for your lifestyle and sport.
  • Step one: Discussing lifestyle habits and beliefs and opinions about food. Identifying barriers to enhancing athletic performance.
  • Step two: Developing a plan based on your lifestyle and sport. Calculating fluid requirements. protein, and carbohydrate requirements. We can also discuss safe supplementation if desired. Lastly, you will learn how to eat with confidence without worrying about calories etc., enhance your athletic performance with whole foods, and eat the foods you enjoy. No stress or restrictions.
  • Step three: Permanent sustainable changes to help you enhance your athletic performance.

This program includes one 1-hour initial assessment, two 30-minute monthly follow-up appointments. Weekly e-mails if desired and weekly feedback about diet logs if desired. Click on book a free Discovery call to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals and pricing. Ashley is also available for sports nutrition presentations. Please contact Ashley for pricing.  

Areas of expertise


Ashley, I ran my fastest marathon ever! Thanks, again for your great advice.
Richard Muscio
Ashley, set me up for success for my half Ironman and she taught me how to scale down my nutrition post-race. I highly recommend working with Ashley to meet all your sports nutrition needs
Amy Huber, Triathlete
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